Photo of roof damage caused by improper roof installationOften, when homeowners face the prospect of replacing a roof because of storm damage or just plain wear and tear, they have options.    Some people make a critical mistake; Going with the “Cheap” option — Overlaying their existing roof with new shingles. Such a decision amounts to short term savings, but quite often, long term disaster. 

Why you ask?  Because a large percentage of the time, a layover application guarantees that your roof will leak.  The leaks cause visual damage to the interior. But more dangerous, is the damage they do to the structural parts of your home:  Plywood decking, rafters, soffit, and fascia. Such hidden damage can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Large portions of the roof structure may require rebuilding or replacing.

Aspire Remodeling’s experienced roofing team will do the job correctly and remove the existing roof down to the plywood deck, then replace it with new underlayment and shingles.  This may end up making the project cost more overall, but, as Ben Franklin said, don’t be, Penny wise and pound foolish”.