Often times in real estate transactions, bad news comes at the worst possible time:  At or near a closing date when damage or inadequate construction issues are called to the forefront by a home inspector, hired by the buyer of the home.  Some items most often called out are problems with the roof of the home. Roofs are, “Out of sight, out of mind” structures.  We are always surprised how may seller’s homes have been damaged by previous hailstorms and the owners are totally unaware until a home inspector points out the defects in his report.

When this happens, fast action is required to try and preserve a closing date for the home.

Aspire has 20 plus years dealing with these upsetting situations.  We have people who have experience as property insurance adjusters.  That is an important asset when dealing with insurance companies who often are reluctant to pay for old damage-even though they clearly owe it.  We also have the social skills to work with both buyers and sellers to bring the repairs to a quick, skillful outcome and save the title closing date.

We have many win-win examples with Little Rock area Realtors.  We’d love to make you our next partner reference as a satisfied referral source.